We Fix Fractured Stucco

Restore your stucco with the help of stucco repair experts in Columbus, OH

Stucco is a beautiful feature of your building in Columbus, OH, but not when it’s damaged. Maybe it has a crack. Maybe it’s flaking or broken. No matter the problem, Guevara Stucco Service, LLC will repair it.

Count on our stucco repair experts to:

  • Repair holes, scratches and damage
  • Apply a new layer of stucco
  • Match the repaired area to surrounding stucco

We’ll blend the repaired stucco with your existing stucco design seamlessly. Call 937-304-9447 to ask for stucco repair services.

Add beautiful new stucco

Add beautiful new stucco

Do you want to replace your stucco or add new stucco siding to a building? Our stucco installers are fully equipped for the task and prepared by over 14 years of experience. We've installed stucco on all types of residential and commercial buildings in the area. We can also freshen your exterior or interior with new paint. Consult our stucco installers today.