Improve Your Building With Stonework

5 elegant ways to use stonework on your property in Columbus, OH

When you want to bring out the best in your building in Columbus, OH, adding stonework is an excellent choice. At Guevara Stucco Service, LLC, we believe its subtle and natural beauty elevates any home or commercial building.

Here are five examples of how our stone masonry team can improve your building:

  • Install stone on exterior walls
  • Accent your building’s entrance
  • Line interior walls with stone
  • Frame a fireplace in stonework
  • Coat a wall in a stone mosaic

Stonework adds a look of classical elegance to any building. It suits traditionally styled spaces, as well as modern, eclectic or nature-inspired areas.

Why choose masonry by Guevara Stucco Service?

Why choose masonry by Guevara Stucco Service?

You can choose to take advantage of our stone masonry with confidence. We have the skills needed to install beautiful, durable stone after working with it for more than 14 years. Call 937-304-9447 to discuss masonry for your building.

Are you interested in using stonework and stucco together? Ask how we can provide both stone masonry and stucco services.